A Miracle Hand Cream? Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex


The jig is up when your hands look a decade or two older than your face. I’ve been going down the same path; I, like so many others, put more energy into keeping my facial skin in check than my hands. For all of the effort I’ve put into trying to take care of the skin on my face I’ve been quite lax when it comes to trying to prevent my hands from looking like the Crypt Keeper’s. It’s so hard to be diligent with hand care; we use our hands for everything and can’t have them covered with greasy product all day. Being a Skin Care Therapist means that my hands often come in contact with skin-loving ingredients, but it also means that they come into contact with some not-so-skin-loving ingredients such as alcohol and various sterilizing potions, detergents and so on. Add to that UV rays and suddenly my hands and nails start looking and feeling less than desirable.

While in Shopper’s Drug Mart I happened upon a new hand cream. The vivid pink and white packaging caught my eye. I picked it up but when I read that it was a hand cream my first impulse was to put it down “Um, hand cream? Boring!” But I have been wanting to pay a bit more attention to my hands, if not for vanity’s sake then at least for the relief of dry skin. So, I bought it.


Made by the Deciem company, the product is marketed in ways that make you want to believe that this is, in fact, a miracle product. The most ambitious claim is that significant results will be noticeable after using the hand cream for ten or eleven days, in company with a before and after picture of supposedly Hand Chemistry treated hands that suggest nothing short of a miracle will take place if you use this cream. So does it deliver? Does it offer anymore benefits to your hands than say, smearing them with Vaseline or coconut oil?

The company’s description of the cream is as follows:

Concentrated multi- functional hand cream targets 8 signs of hand aging simultaneously. The extraordinary 19.5% active complex concentration visibly improves firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.

A cream that will do all that?! Sign me up!


First, if you are diligently applying a moisturizer to your hands, any moisturizer, then you’ll see some improvement, at least where moisture levels and plumpness are concerned. For firmness, Hand Chemistry can offer a temporary solution making the skin on hands appear  a little less loose, which for $20/100ml bottle isn’t too bad if you’re hands really are bothering you.


  • Absorbs quickly
  • I definitly noticed some improvement but whether it’s because of the particular product or because I’ve been paying attention to my hands period, well, time will tell.
  • I’m neutral on the scent. Not too strong but not amazing
  • Comes in a fairly large tube (for a hand cream)
  • Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben-free


  • In a perfect world this would be fragrance-free but I find the scent tolerable

From The Hand Chemistry Site:

Visibly decreases wrinkle depth

When comparing the use of Biological GHK with collagen injections, Biological GHK showed a higher amount of collagen in the skin. Biological GHK also visibly decreases wrinkle depth by 15% in 15 days.

Visibly decreases wrinkle depth

HAND CHEMISTRY contains a biotechnological derivative of the mushroom, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp, shown to be 400 x more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid.
Skin moisture content can be increased by 11% in just 12 hours thanks to the inclusion of an algae ferment. This incredible increase equates to 21% in 24 hours and 32% in 30 days.
In addition, Sacha Inchi oil and Maize Propanediol work together to form a protective moisture barrier, ensuring that the skin is able to hold on to this new-found moisture.

Copper Peptide Complex, Biological GHK increases:

A biotechnological derivative of Plantago Lanceolata:
Plantago Lanceolata reduces the appearance of dark spots in two months.


As with any product, Hand Chemistry Youth Complex make work for some and provide satisfactory results, while others may just consider it yet another over-hyped product. I am still on the fence and want to give it more time.


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