Bioderma Photoderm Sensitive Extreme Sun Milk SPF 50

Tinosorb Has Given Zinc Oxide A Run For Its Money

I’m devoted to the Bioderma Photoderm Sensitive Extreme Sun Milk SPF 50 Sunscreen. However, for most of my sunscreen wearing life I’ve opted for mineral sunscreens. Zinc oxide provides great broad spectrum UV protection and it’s excellent for sensitive skin. But like any sunscreen-obsessed gal I soon found myself straying from my mineral screens in search of greener pastures.

I researched ingredients that would provide excellent protection and that’s when I discovered Tinosorb, a sunscreen active that is particularly good at protecting skin from UVA rays. It is almost exclusively found in European sunscreens but here in Canada there are a couple brands that contain it. One such brand is Avene. Years ago I picked up Avene’s High Protection Emulsion SPF 40 and Tinosorb has been a part of my skin-preserving arsenal ever since.

My Holy Grail Chemical Sunscreen

Fast forward and I finally discovered Bioderma’s Photoderm Sensitive SPF 50. Although Bioderma does sell some sunscreen that contain Tinosorb in Canadian drugstores, this particular one is not available in Canada so I order mine from Amazon UK.It’s my favorite chemical sunscreen to date and for good reasons:

  1. It contains Tinosorb S and M, both known for protecting from UVA rays
  2. It’s fragrance-free
  3. The formula contains antioxidants for extra skincare benefits
  4. Paula Begoun rates it 5/5, which never hurts
  5. Apparently it has a PPD of 50

The formula may leave a slight white cast but I mean slight. Once it sets there is no discernible  cast but there is a sheen, typical of chemical sunscreens. If you’re looking for a sunscreen with a matte finish then I would avoid this one. As far as wearing it under makeup goes, I find it really depends on the condition of my skin. For example, if my skin is hydrated then this product wears fairly well. On the other hand, if I’m dehydrated it may accentuate those areas. However, if my face is dry my sunscreen and makeup never looks or feel great, regardless of the brands or formulas.

The active ingredients are as follows in descending order:

  • Tinosorb M
  • Butyloctyl salicylate (chemical UV stabilizer)
  • Octocrylene
  • Avobenzone
  • Tinosorb S

Have you tried Bioderma Photoderm Sensitive Extreme Sun Milk SPF 50+?



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