Bite Beauty Lip Lab Comes to Toronto

Adding a little DIY to your beauty routine can be a great way to personalize it and Bite Beauty is here to help to just that.. If a lipstick shade you loved has been discontinued or if you just love the idea of  creating a custom lip hue then the latest shop to open up in Toronto may peak your interest. Founded by Toronto’s own Susanne Langmuir, Bite Beauty has opened their second Lip Lab; the first was opened in Manhattan.

The sleek and minimal space is the perfect backdrop the view the wide array of premade shades and pigments. Rows and rows of gorgeous colours  inspired me to get really creative and consider different shades. Because I’m a minimalist I opted for a hue that’s decidedly me; a sort of rose-mauve in semi-matte.

The folks at Lip Lab will help you create a colour that you love and you can try different variations until you find your perfect shade. Plus, you’ll get to pick a finish and scent/flavour. Furthermore, all Bite lipsticks are natural and nutrient rich so you can have healthy and pretty lips.


These are our lipsticks and they came out perfectly!

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