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Nail salons are the Starbucks of the beauty world-there’s one at every corner. And it’s no wonder; there’s nothing quite like taking some much needed time out of your busy schedule to beautify and be pampered. Studies even show that in times of recession the beauty industry doesn’t take much of a beating; probably because these little self-care rituals are not merely about looking pretty but also about keeping one’s morale up.wpid-img_20151030_001509.jpg

Women get their hair and nails done all the time, not to mention hair removal. But what about our skin? Does it  not deserve to be pampered regularly, too?

Enter Blitz Facial Bar;                       

The Concept

Quality and time-effective skin care treatments so achieving or maintaining skin health doesn’t have to become a time-consuming and money-eating production. Sure, one can treat oneself to a super expensive, hour and a half long facial with tons  but how maintainable is it. Chances are, not very for most people out there. The function of Blitz Facial Bar is to make it feasible to make quality skin care treatments just as attainable as dropping into a hair or nail salon.

The Facialswpid-img_20151005_120503.jpg

The Blitz and Glow: This is the perfect facial for those who want a quick glow before an event or night out. Simple, relaxing and perfect for days when you want a pick-me-up without sacrificing half of your time.

The Extractor: meant to, well, extract all the stuff accumulated in the skin. Cleansing, steaming, extractions and a mask will make your skin feel like it can breathe again.

The Micro: Cleansing and microdermabrasion-for when you just want to take it all off, and if you’re so inclined you can add a booster to customize.

wpid-img_20151029_230529.jpgThe Works: The Works facial is a blend of the three aforementioned facials spread out over one, very relaxing hour. Cleansing, microdermabrasion, steam, extractions, lymphatic massage and a masque make The Works the ultimate facial experience and will leave your skin very happy.

The cherry on top? All facials also include a hand and arm massage!

The Boosterswpid-img_20151023_163306.jpg

Blitz Facial Bar offers “booster shots” (no needles involved). These boosters allow you to customize your facial to make sure your skin gets exactly what it needs.

Boosters include;

Skin Renewal: A penetrating mask and rescue serum to calm rosacea and sensitive skin

On The Bright Side: A Vitamin C mask and radiance serum designed o brighten skin and lighten sun damage and dark spots

wpid-img_20151030_001839.jpgPeel Me Away: Peel away the years with an intense enzyme peel or glycolic lactic mask

Plump It Up: Get the plump without filler with a deep moisturizing mask and plumping serum

Cold Plunge: This cold jade stone massage instantly calm redness, closes pores and is a great add-on for ‘The micro’ or ‘the works’.

Bye Bye Puffy Eye:  Firms, de-puffs and hydrates eye area

Spot Treatment: Soothes, protects and heals break-outs and irritated skin

Just For Him-Beard Oil: Keeps skin, stubble and beard hyfrated and healthy

*Plump It Up may be added to ‘the works’ facial only.

The Productswpid-img_20151030_001235.jpg

Products used in professional treatments and sold as retail are Blitz’ own in-house line (except for the SPF which is from Elta MD.)

Blitz Facial Bar products are eco-friendly, they contain pure essential oils with ingredients derived from natural sources and are free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and artificial colours.


The Estheticians/Skin Care Therapists

The estheticians at Blitz Facial Bar are not only good at what they do but passionate and knowledgeable. This means that beyond formal training, they actively engage in, and are interested in skin care and staying up-to-date on the world of skin health.

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