EO Thursdays #3 Eucalyptus Oil


When I think Eucalyptus essential oil I think colds. It’s amazing at ridding the body of gunk when you’re congested and helping you breathe easier. Is that where the benefits end? Not even close! Here I’ve compiled easy ways to use it at home everyday.


Can be used in hair care. Put a few drops in a rich base of coconut oil or the carrier oil of your choice for a stimulating, soothing and moisturizing scalp and hair treatment. It makes a great natural alternative to tackle head lice, too!

Cuts and Such

Because eucalyptus is antiseptic and antimicrobial it makes a perfect natural remedy for cuts, burns and scrapes. Have a nasty bug bite or sting? It will help heal it and prevent it from getting infected.


Its pleasant clean scent and antibacterial properties make eucalyptus an ideal natural household cleaning ingredient. Adding some to a simple hand soap will boost the antiseptic power and make it smell fresh. Using eucalyptus in a DIY room spray will give your home the deodorizing benefits of a conventional room spray minus the chemicals.


Because it helps with inflammation, eucalyptus is often found in muscle and joint pain relievers. Used topically its relieves pain from minor muscle aches to arthritis pain.



Helps prevent tooth decay and fight bacteria in the mouth


Eucalyptus can be used to help dry up pimples. The antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory properties help heal blemishes quicker and reduce size and redness.

Foot Soak

Sooth tired achy feel by adding a few drops to a basin of warm water. The scent will deodorize while the antibacterial properties will cleanse and help prevent foot and nail fungus.

You can’t go wrong having some Eucalytus oil handy in your home. To learn more check here.


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