My Experience With Lemon Water (Lemon Water Is A Beautiful Thing!)


Lemon water has been a part of my diet on and off for several years. Only this past year however have I been drinking it everyday. At first I was only drinking in the evening as a way to cleanse my system at the end of  the day. Recently I started drinking it in the morning again in addition to in the evening.

Per day, I consume the juice of one lemon, and I really squeeze as much juice out of it as I can! In the morning I squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a standard-sized mug. Next, I put some cool water in so I don’t have to wait forever for my kettle water to cool down. Finally, I add equal amount warm water from the kettle to the concoction so that it is luke-warm to warm.


What I Notice/My Experience Drinking Lemon Water:

Definitely Helps Boost Immunity: I am prone to catching colds and/or the flu in both the autumn and winter season. This year? I haven’t been sick once! Believe me, this is amazing! There have been a couple times where I felt that I may have been coming down with something but the following morning I was fine. To be fair, not being in school anymore has probably helped my immune system. But I do ride public transit quite regular and still, nothing! I’m not in the clear yet. Bugs are still lurking around in April but I thoroughly believe that my faithful consumption of lemon water has played a hand in keeping me healthy.

Jump Starts My Metabolism: This is particularly true of drinking lemon water in the morning. About half way through my mug of lemon water and nature comes a callin’.

Helps Me Keep My System Hydrated and Clean: Nothing is better at keeping the body hydrated than water. Adding some lemon gives your water makes gives it an extra health punch because of benefits such as vitamin C, alkalizing your system, and cleansing your liver.


Things To Be Aware Of

  • The biggest issue that comes along with drinking lemon water regularly is that the acid can wear on tooth enamel. To help prevent this rinse you mouth with plain water once you are done drinking your lemon water but before eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Use an enamel-protecting toothpaste

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