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Back in 2009 I completed the “Skin Care” courses at the George Brown School of

Makeup and Esthetics. University was on my list of to do’s so I put esthetics aside and went to get my B.A. Fast forward to 2014 and I am back in Esthetics school upgrading my knowledge. I am now learning everything there is to know about IPL (intense pulse light), microdermabrasion, chemical peels, skin disorders, and so on. One of the best parts of training in esthetics is that I get to try all of these treatments. Last Friday I had my first chemical peel and it left me wanting more! I had a lactic acid peel done; of all the chemical peels it is the gentlest. At the very most I only felt the slightest tingle but nothing that I couldn’t handle. My face was cleansed, toned, and degreased to make sure all debris was gone. Once the peel was applied it was left on for two minutes before it was neautralized. Immediately I saw a glow and could feel that my skin was smoother. All peels are meant to be therapeautic with cumulative results. For example, a client would have a total of six Glycolic peels, once a month for a total of six months before seeing full results. Furthermore, home care is extremely important when having peels done; of course the peels are helping but they are meant to supplement at-home skin care not replace it. And of course, sunscreen! Sunscreen is a must for anyone who wants to maintain or help heal skin but it is especially important after a peel because the skin is sensitized.

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If you’re curious about any medical esthetic treatment but aren’t ready to fork out a lot of money or make a big commitment, visiting the college is a great way to ween yourself onto it. Professional products are used, services are a fraction of the cost because it’s a school, and students get to share what they’ve learned.

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George Brown School of Makeup and Esthetics in located at 193 King St. East

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