My Rediscovery of Lipstick

9I’ve been wearing makeup since my teens and through all the foundation, mascara, eye liner, there was one item that did not appeal to me and that’s lipstick. I never felt like it looked good on me and too much like I was playing dress-up. Fast forward to the last few months and I fell hard for the lippies, really hard. Not only do I feel comfortable wearing it now but I actually think I look better. My morning makeup routine is incomplete without a swash dusty rose mauve over my lips. It truly is an iconic staple in the world of beauty.

Lucky for me and all the ladies out their partial to the rosy mauve shades, there is no shortage to pick from. I’ve gone on a mini rampage collecting the shade from various brands and almost exclusively in matte finishes.

Some of my fave so far are;


Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint In Fomo: Perhaps the longest wearing of the bunch it has a matte suede finish and is classified as “mauve” but is more on the rosy side than the purple.


Bareminerals Gen Nude in JuJu: JuJu is the least rosy of these four. It has no purple but doesn’t have the same flush of warmth as the others. After all, it is a decidedly nude shade.



NYX Soft Matte in Budepest: This one is definitely in the mauve family but wears a tad brighter than any of the others listed hear. Of the four this one wears for the shortest time but it is still a beautiful shade and great value for the money.



Revlon Ulra HD Matte Lipcolour in Kisses: This is my latest addition to my collection. To me, it is very similar to Fomo from Tarte and wears quite well. For the price point it was a done deal.

Have you tried any mauve shades? What are your faves?

Tarte and Bareminerals can be found at Sephora

NYX and Revlon can be found at Rexall and Shopper’s Drug Mart



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