Rejuvenate Inside and Out at Pearl Rejuvenation

Having a good skin care routine is such an important part of maintaining healthy and youthful skin but, unfortunately, even the most cutting-edge skin care topicals out there won’t combat gravity and loss of volume. That’s where things like fillers and, of course, Botox come in.

Alas, my undying love for skin care products and my daily devotion to taking care of my skin (ya know cleanse, moisturize and wear sunscreen religiously) are still no match for almighty gravity thus, signs of aging are beginning to appear. I mean between stress, the environment, and life in general do we ever really stand a chance against aging? Of course not! There is no fountain of youth but there are some amazing steps one can take to age gracefully.

I recently visited PearlMd Rejuvenation, a clinic devoted to helping women rejuvenate from the inside out. Cosmetic services include old faithfuls like Botox and fillers to Selphyl  (the vampire facial) and many, many more treatments. The clinic also offers customized programs “designed to restore more youthful body chemistry, hormone balance, optimize lifestyle and prevent age-related diseases” which assist with concerns such as hormone health, lifestyle planning, sexual health, brain health and more.

While I was there I had the opportunity to try the Polish Hydrating Peel, an amazing peel that moisturizes while it exfoliates. This peel is perfect for those who are weary of the infamous blistering red look after a peel gone wrong (which rarely happens.) It’s the kind of treatment recommended to attain that I-woke-up-this-way glow. Because there may be some light peeling in the first 24-48 hours it’s best to have it done a couple days before an event. My skin looked and felt smooth and left me looking refreshed.

I sat down with Dr. Jennifer Pearlman to talk about the peel but the discussion soon centered around my own face and what types of treatments would work best for me. I’ll admit I was shy at first, most people aren’t in the habit of having someone assess their face for places that can use improvement. However, she was very reassuring and logical in her approach which immediately put me at ease. Curious about what she said? Well she noted that my left brow was slightly more drooped than my right-something I was already well too aware of because of my morning battle with my eyeliner. Also, I have a super expressive mouth with has created a sort of dimpling in the chin area. She suggested a bit of botox in those couple areas. Did I do it? No. I haven’t had Botox, or anything done, and while I’m definitely not ruling it out I just wasn’t mentally prepared to have my first treatment done that day.

Pearl MD Rejuvenation Clinic is definitely worth visiting if you’re considering or curious about advanced cosmetic treatments. If injectables and other advanced treatments really aren’t your thing Dr. Pearlman offers an impressive collection of topical skin care. You can check them out here:

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