Pure and Simple Refining Cleansing Gel and Beautiful Skin Face Cream

I have used Pure and Simple products in the past and liked them but they somehow got lost among the plethora of skin care potions. Recently I purchased two of their products and love them! I am so glad that I found my way back!

The Cleanser


Minimalist Refining Cleansing Gel checks everything on my list

  • The Smell: a natural concoction of skin-loving oils and herbs make this cleanser smell divine. I look forward to this part of my routine because of the smell
  • It Cleanses (go figure). Some cleansers do a better job at removing makeup and gunk than others, this one is fantastic! My skin is left feeling super clean but not stripped and uncomfortable.
  • It does what it says. This cleanser is marketed as “Refining” and it does just that. The overall all texture and appearance of my skin has improved thanks to this stuff. My skin glows after I use it and is perfectly prepped for other skin care goodies.

The Moisturizer


I bought their Beautiful Skin Face Cream. Of the many products I’ve tried over the years there are very few that I would repurchase. I will definitely buy this stuff again. It;

  • Has no artificial fragrance; I recognize the subtle smell of avocado oil which is the second ingredient in the formula.
  • It adequately moisturizes without making me feel greasy and weighed down
  • Actually improved the appearance and texture of my skin!
  • Can add a drop or two of your fave oil to add even more moisture without sacrificing the integrity of the formula so your skin can still reap its benefits.


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