Represent Your Favorite City With Art

When you love a city and you want to represent said city somewhere in your home it can be a fine line between tasteful and modern or downright cheesy. I live in a small apartment so if I’m going to put any kind of art up on my walls it has to clean and aesthetically pleasing. So when I was asked if I’d like this cool print of Toronto from Modern Map Art I jumped on it.

Where home decor is concerned, my husband and I are constantly trying to strike a balance between his decidedly masculine style (think sports) and my (what my husband calls) grandma aesthetic. Pshhh it’s shabby chic, okay!? Anyway, the clean minimalist design of these posters is a look we can agree on. I opted for the black and white but the posters come in a handful of colours and in any city.

Jennifer, the creator behind Modern Map Art , was inspired after her world-wide honeymoon trip where she visited so many beautiful and diverse cities. Upon returning home she wanted to capture some of what she learned and so Modern Map Art was born. She uses grids, colours, and imagery that she feels represents each respective city.

The company also offers accessories like pillows and phone cases in case wall art is not what you have in mind. If you want something with your own touch added she also does custom maps.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hang this bad-boy up in my living room.

*I was given this poster as a PR sample but I am not making money from any links you may follow in this post.

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