The Power of Three

There are countless skin care products to choose from and a lot of them claim to perform near miracles on the skin. There is so much to sift through when it comes to finding products that will actually help you maintain or achieve healthy skin but having a couple tried and trues in your arsenal will steer you in the right (and glowing) direction.

wpid-img_20150227_080037.jpgRetinol or Tretinoin Consider using retinol or its stronger prescription sister tretinoin (both Vitamin A). This stuff works on a cellular level and trains your skin to act healthy. Originally used to treat acne, retinol/tretinoin are also famous for their anti- aging benefits such as increased cell turnover and the ability to produce and maintain collagen in the skin.

I started with a bit of a heavy hand and believe me, less is more with this stuff. No more than a pea sized amount for the entire face and you’re good to go.

spd_20111126175403_bGlycolic Acid. I love this stuff! It helps me shed all that dead skin and gunk accumulated in my pores without going at my face with a scrub-I have fairly reactive skin so avoiding abrasive stuff is awesome for me! There seems to be a decent array of glycolic products to choose from; choice is always nice.

Sunscreen. Sometimes sunscreen can be a bit of a pain in the arse when I want to get out of the house quickly. But alas, if I skip it I know I’m breaking possibly the most important skin care rule so I always apply it. It started back in high school with Clinique’s City Block SPF 40 and I’ve been fairly faithful ever since, well not to Clinique but to sunscreen.super-city-block-spf-40

Sunscreen, glycolic acid, and tretinoin/retinol are a good place to start and set the perfect foundation for an A+ skin care regime.

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