Tips For Softer, Younger Looking Elbows

Admittedly, I tend to neglect the skin on my elbows. But, enough is enough! Instead of simply slathering piles of thick moisturizer on my elbows I wanted to take a more rigorous approach so added some topicals that would boost my results a bit. Specifically, I started applying what I usually apply to my facial skin on to my elbows. Ingredients such as glycolic acid and tretinoin essentially train the skin to function normally again. Oils like almond and avocado sooth, heal and create a moisturizing barrier. For extra protection and dryness relief I like to top it all off with a liberal layer of an emollient rich moisturizer.How-often-do-you-care-for-your-elbows-_16000592_800848164_1_0_14070619_300

Start with lightest textured products and finish with the heaviest-just as you would on your face. None of these products will lift saggy elbow skin-at least not dramatically-but they will definitely help soften and smooth.

Also, I like to pay attention to what I’m using in the shower-especially in winter. Traditional bar soaps tend to be drying so I’ve incorporated a creamy body wash. And as much as I hate to say it, avoiding steaming hot showers is a good idea.

When it comes to treating dry skin consistency is key, especially on  stubborn areas like the elbows. Even if you skip the glycolic and tretinoin, a few drops of oil and some basic moisturizer can go a long way to sooth and heal rough elbows. Try it with a couple drops of essential oil and give yourself a soothing and relaxing treatment.

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