Tretinoin: Friend or Foe?

wpid-img_20150227_080037.jpgI’m a skin care enthusiast but I don’t like to gamble. Generally, I research a product extensively before I take the plunge. I mean, if I’m going to fork out the big bucks, it may as well be for something that has at least some hope of having a positive impact on the skin. That’s how I ended up on tretinoin.

I’ve been using tretinoin for over a year. Despite my best efforts, ( well maybe not my best, I applied it a tad too heavily so some of the irritation probably could have been avoided) i still had the typical side effects: dry, red, and flakey skin. Anyway, that all subsided and I have noticed a change in the overall appearance of my skin; it’s smooth and generally glowy. However, I feel like I’m still trying to get a handle on this stuff. Through trial and error I’ve learned that what they say of tretinoin is true: less really is more, much much more. While it helps normalize skin it is extremely potent and can easily irritate skin and that translates into inflammation, which is never a good thing. Furthermore, I’m 29 so I’m not as plump and dewy as I was ten years ago but I have no big signs of aging either so I often wonder if I’ve been a bit premature with the prescription stuff.

I switched from the 0.05% to the weaker 0.025% and so far so good.

*You can request a sample of tretinoin from a dermatologist.

One thought on “Tretinoin: Friend or Foe?

  1. I am 29 as well and just started on Tretinoin. Most articles I have read about Tretinoin say most Dermatologists recommend people as young as their mid twenties start Tretinoin for anti-aging. Like you I am still trying to get a handle on the right amount to apply to my face. Sometimes it feels like not enough and sometimes that little extra bit is too much. I am sure will get a handle on it though.

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