Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid Pink

IMG_0466Urban Decay Naked Colour Correcting Fluid has completely reignited my excitement for my morning makeup routine. Colour-correcting was never really a part of my makeup routine. When it came to coverage I never strayed far from concealer with foundation and/or tinted moisturizer. When all of multi-coloured correcting makeup starting popping up on the market it piqued my interest. The first colour I tried was pink and I can see why these correctors have become so popular so quickly; this stuff really brightens!

I purchased UDCCF in pink. I really like this stuff and will always have it (or something like it) on hand. On me it does two things: conceals and brightens which makes it perfect for use to hide my dark circles or brighten any darkers areas. It’s best to apply it and then let it dry for a minute or two before applying concealer or foundation on top.

Urban Decay says;

Pink disguises dark circles, particularly on fair skin tones. Also works well as a highlighter and creates a lifted appearance…Subtle pearlescent pigments in the unique formula diffuse light to perfect skin, while antioxidant-rich vitamin C and vitamin E condition and protect.

The consistency is creamy and fairly opaque. If you’re looking to completely camouflage scars or spots this won’t work; it will conceal minor blemishes but its main function is to brighten. Of all the colours this may be the most versatile. If you’re fair it will brighten blue tones any any shadowy areas. If you’re on the warmer side it will add brightness to sallow areas.  It’s not glittery but, like the description says, a soft pearlescent so it can double as a highlighter on brow bones, cheek bones, etc. All in all, I love that it makes me look awake and vibrant.

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