What’s The Deal with Mauve’s Insane Popularity?

Mauve is no longer just your mom’s lipstick colour. It’s the colour that every makeup company has their own version of and in so many shade variations. Nude mauve, plum mauve, rosy mauve. Why is this shade so popular? Because it’s versatile. It’s THE perfect everyday lipstick colour but is luscious enough to  make a statement.

Because every brand has their own mauve shades it’s so easy to find a great one low and high price points.  I tend to wear mauves during the day at work but they are amazing at night especially if you’re going for a dramatic eye look. Rosy mauves in particular make my whole face look more glowy and awake. Most of the ones I have come in Matte finishes but you can find these shades in gloss, cream, and semi matte.

Beautiful ones to try are

Too Faced in Sell Out

Nars Bound

Tarte in Fomo and Tbt

The Too Faced and Tarte ones are both matte but are available non matte in similar shades. The Nars one is semi matte at most. If your lips are on the dry side but a shade you live only comes in a matte finish I’ve found that putting some gloss or chapstick on beforehand really does make a matte look better. Your lips will be much more comfortable too!



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